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My Review Of Fallout New Vegas

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This is the cover for Fallout New Vegas

I am sure us gamers have heard of the popular role-playing game named Fallout New Vegas. It is a game that is officially the predecessor of the popular game called Fallout 3. Fallout 3 received many awards including game of the year, which is a really honorable title. We all can easily predict that Fallout New Vegas will be a great game. You know what? It really is.

I played endless hours of Fallout New Vegas and I have come across many elements that make Fallout New Vegas what it is. I will admit that Fallout New Vegas temporarily disabled my social life as well. Fallout New Vegas is a game where you are a courier who lives in California. The world has gone astray. Nuclear war has turned California into a wasteland.

The survivors, whom lived in vaults to protect themselves from these nuclear explosions, set out to build new civilizations. The game starts off with a very graphically advanced cut scene. You wake up to find yourself tied up and disabled to do anything at all. You face a man in a checkered suit. Beside him are two men who originate from a gang called The Great Khans. These Khans are fearless warriors who survived by making their own tribe.

The man in the checkered suit hired these men to help him capture a device called the Platinum Chip. Without spoiling anything I can say that this "plain" chip has much more power than it looks. Anyway, this Platinum Chip was a package that you, as the courier, were supposed to deliver. You were intercepted by these men while you went to deliver the chip. As you look at the man in the eye, he gives you a short explanation of everything.

He then pulls out a gun and aims it at you. After the trigger is pulled, the game fades to black and after a while you wake up to find yourself in a house. A man beside you comforts you and tells you where you are and how you lived. After the lecture, you are prompted to do some "tests" and the man gives you your necessities then you are left to continue your journey! Now overall the game does a great job in telling the story.

Fallout New Vegas is not affiliated with Fallout 3, but it is still revolves around one main character who has one main mission. From start to finish, you will sit still in your seat to enjoy this amazing experience. There are many twists and turns where you may need to act promptly. This is a great element which really keeps the game going. It also encourages the player to pay attention.

There is also a mechanic called the Karma System. This is what tells you if you are "good" or "bad." This system is what makes Fallout New Vegas. If you do something evil, you lose Karma. If you do something heroic, you gain Karma. Here is a clear example. Say you need something from someone. You can shoot the person and steal the item. Doing this will result in losing Karma.

You can ask nicely, you must have the speech skill, and the person will give you the item. This will result in a neutral act. Lastly, you can do a quest for the person and earn it with your hard work. This will make you gain Karma. These are the aspects that really make Fallout New Vegas. Now I think I have commented too much on the positive side of New Vegas.

So now it's time to look at the ugly. Fallout New Vegas could have received a full 5 if it weren't for the bugs. The bugs are the worst aspect of the game. One famous bug results in you loosing your recent save when you do something wrong in the game. Say you shoot an important character in the game, you may lose your save because it has such a great impact on the overall story.

Another bug is where you have to permanently walk during entire the game. This is very annoying. The only way to counter- act this is to reload to a previous save. Now these bugs can really alter your experience. That is why I gave this game a 3.9. Overall I would say this, if you loved Fallout 3, you will love Fallout New Vegas. Newcomers may have a bit of trouble at first, but later they may adapt and enjoy the game.