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My Review Of The Xbox 360 Kinect.

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The Kinect

Just recently, Microsoft had released their new accessory. It is called the Xbox 360 Kinect. It is a device that records you movements using a camera. The kinect shows a great example of motion control gaming. It is a very fun device to have if you have family who really likes casual gaming.

Though the Kinect has many innovative features, it still lacks the capabilities of playing hardcore games. Many people have stated that they do not have fun at all while playing the Kinect with hardcore games. This data was recorded using a poll. The Kinect also does not need any controller. This is an immediate "con" for hardcore games.

A game like Call of Duty or Battlefield definitely cannot be played using this. It would result in much lag and also unconformability. You would have to stand up during the match just to control your character. In my opinion, this Kinect should not be purchased if it is being used for hardcore games. It would not make sense at all.

This is a reason why developers of big titles want to avoid the kinect. The Kinect has many titles that have come with it on launch date. Some are for little children and other are for family members and casual gamers. For example, one developer made a game that revolved around Sesame Street. This game was obviously made for children who are beginning to learn, read, and write.

I will admit, it can be active sometimes too. Games like UFC and wrestling can be fun to play sometimes. This also keeps you active for the most part. It obviously is not similar to actually going to the gym and training. At the very least it is keeping active in one way or another.

Overall, I would say that if you are trying to lose some weight, don't expect Kinect to make a deep impact. It will most likely not be that effective. Also, if you are a parent and you want your child to learn, read, or write, Kinect will do a substantial impact. It still would be better if you as a parent read to him/her. Kinect is mainly for casual gamers who do not like games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Alas, I would say this. If you like hardcore gaming and you like to play first- person shooter games, don't buy Kinect. It won't be of any worth to you. You will most likely dislike it. If you like hardcore gaming but you like to play casual games with your family or friends, then I suggest buying it. Kinect offers a very rich casual gaming experience without a controller. This is a great feature.

Lastly, if you hate hardcore games and would just like to be active and play some casual games, you might as well buy Kinect. It will be a blast for you since you despise hardcore gaming, which Kinect poorly offers.