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My Second Illinois Industrial Tool Spotlight

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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At night I walk my dog around a large field so I need to know if there are any other animals around. No one wants to be around a dog that’s been sprayed my a skunk. So when walking my dog I needed something that shines bright enough for me to see quite a distance away. I have a one million candle power rechargeable spotlight. However, when it seemed to be failing I decide to buy a new spotlight.

While looking on Amazon.com I saw a very reasonable priced three million candle power rechargeable halogen spotlight made by Illinois Industrial Tool. Spotlights are generally used when camping or fishing but they have many uses. I ordered this “spotlight” but it turned out to be nothing more than a flashlight so I gave it to my brother.

I decided to give the Illinois Industrial Tool one more chance and ordered a second spotlight that was a little cheaper than the first one I ordered. This probably should have been a warning.

Some of the features included in this most recent purchase of this spotlight:

It was a 1, 000, 000 candle power spotlight

It was suppose to shine up to a mile

It came with an AC power charger adapter and a 12 volt car charger. I like this feature as you do not have to keep buying batteries.

It was smaller than the first flashlight and easier to handle.

When I got the spotlight I charged it the recommended 12 hours and the next night I went out only to find out this was not a spotlight but another flashlight. I recharged it longer and tried it again the next night. Again this spotlight was not really a spotlight either so I am officially done with the Illinois Industrial Tool company and their incorrectly advertised products!

One good thing came out of this and I found a company called Jacks Tool Shed who really knows the meaning of GREAT customer service. More companies should pattern their customer service after Jacks Tool Shed!