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My Sidekick Never Leaves My Side

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By infomom on
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It's probably a little more phone than I need, but I love my Sidekick LX regardless.

After years of being with another cellular carrier I made the move to T Mobile so I could be a part of the shared family plan with my husband but mostly because I was so enamored of his Sidekick LX.

To be fair to my old phone, it held a few more standard features than the Sidekick, but the Sidekick has a much bigger user friendly factor attached to it.

One of the biggest selling points for me on the Sidekick LX was it's Querty keyboard for texting and emailing. I am old school and cannot under any circumstances shorten or phonetically spell words to shorten them in a text. With the Querty keyboard my prayers were answered. It is an amazing relief to be able to type full sentences and thoughts again without having to double and triple punch keys to make a single small word (yes even with type recognition it is a pain).

One of the other really great features is the extended Sidekick plan that when purchased for a monthly fee of $20.00 a month ( this is above your service plan fee) will allow you, unlimited internet, email and unlimited text messaging and phone calls to your selected Fav 5.

A small downside to the phone is some features I considered basic on my old phone (i.e. calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch and timer) are considered a download that needs to be paid for; however it is a very small fee ($2.99) for a combination alarm, stopwatch, timer and you can download a perfectly useable calculator for free under the applications tab.

Because the Sidekick LX is considered a flip type phone it has the added security of protecting the keys, so there are no numbers dialed without your knowledge (even speed dial). I can feel my cheeks turning flush now from the memory of one of my old phones dialing without my knowledge and recording my conversation with a friend on my mother in laws answering machine (thank the lord I said nothing I would be too embarrassed about, but you get the picture.)

The basic features of my phone are:

Download Catalog: I could literally spend all day in here with the songs, chimes, sound Fx, Alerts, Voice Ringers, HiFi Ringers, Themes, Backgrounds, Games and Applications that they give you to choose from when customizing your phone.

Instant Messaging: Allows you access to, AOL, Yahoo and Windows messengers, which really helps when your friends have different messengers than you, which is usually the norm.

Phone calls : Sidekick gives you the ability to use either the keyboard open or closed when making the call, and you are able to talk both ways also as well as use speaker phone.

FAV 5 : This is one of my favorite features. I get to pick 5 people that I call consistently and everything I do on my phone concerning them is absolutely free (with added Sidekick pkg as mentioned earlier). This works for me because it really is a small circle of people that I interact with on a daily basis. One other thing of note is that these 5 people can be changed monthly, so as your life changes, so can your circle of Fav 5.

Text Messaging: Very user friendly and coupled with the Querty keyboard it makes texting fun for pretty much the first time. I no longer give up mid text and phone it in.

Email: I never had this feature on my old phone. It is beyond a blessing to be able to check my email when I am out of the house. I dabble on Craigslist and one missed email is one missed sale - Not any more though, now I recieve an alert on my phone when an email comes through and can respond right away. No more missing anything.

Address Book: Tons of contacts can be added, you can attach a photo to their name so you know who is calling right away, or attach a distinct ringtone that tells you without looking who is on the other line.

Web Browser: The ability to browse the web away from home is a bonus worth mentioning. You can access store websites and do a little comparision shopping, check status on a home business site such as ebay (particularly helpful if you've got something in the bidding arena).

Organizer: Gives you the ability to set up calendar events, with alert reminders, take notes (made truly simple with the Querty keyboard), or make a task list. I love this feature and use it daily.

Camera: I have to be honest, this is probably one of the features I'm not super impressed with due to being unable to find a way to zoom a picture in. I am not one who enjoys pictures that look like they were taken from across a football field. I'm sure this is probably fixable some way, but I've yet to find it.

Music Player: It's like having an IPOD with you. In fact sometime in the future IPOD's may end up being obsolete because of this phone feature. Simply download MP3's or CD's to your phone and you can take your music library with you wherever you go.

Download Games and Applications: These are two separate tabs and warrant a mention as the size of the phones screen and functionality of the phones keys make game playing a lot easier and more enjoyable. The applications tab is simply for the applications you download.

Bottom line this is a very friendly and easily navigatable phone with drop down menus on every tab. It even gives you a standard airplane feature on the main drop down menu to allow easy shut down of your phone before takeoff.

I can't help but recommend it and could probably go on about it ad naseum, but my advice is to go and check it out for yourself. I think it is a purchase you would be more than happy with.