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My Swinging Bunny Figurine

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I have many collections of figurines. If you were to ask me which particular figurine is my favorite, I could not give an answer. All of the figurines in all my collections have a special meaning which makes them all special to me. However, there are some which do appeal to me because they are just so cute.

The Swinging Bunny Figurine is one which is just too cute for words. I got this many years ago at Walmart. Once I saw it, I had to have it. The price made it a great find.

Features of Swinging Bunny Figurine

* It is crafted of sturdy and durable ceramic material. It is still able to be broken, but if handled carfully, it will last for a very long time. After many years, it still looks great with no chips, cracks, or breaks.

* The colors are wisely chosen and reflects the great detail of this figurine.

* The color does not flake, peal, or rub off.

* The detail reflects the artistry and ability of the crafter. It looks very realistic.

* The swing actually works. The bunny will swing when you slightly push him on his little swing.

* The swing is made of a strong type of braided string. It has withstood many years which tells me it is well made and properly attached to the figurine.

* It is very reasonably priced.

Possible Drawback

Like all cheaper made ceramic figurines, this does not hold a large value. It is not worth a whole lot of money. It is only worth the purchase price. Collectors looking for valuable pieces made by the best designers and artists will not find this one adequate.

For my purposes, this figurine has brought many hours of joy. To me, there are no drawbacks to this cute little figurine.


Because this figurine is many years old, you may not be able to find it at Walmart. Take a look around though because there are many other figurines which you may enjoy.

They have many animal figurines and other cute little bunnies.

I would, also, suggest looking at eBay. You can find all kinds of cute figurines of all types of animals there. I am sure many more additions will be added to my collections in the future from eBay.

Just go to the eBay site and type into the search bar the word which describes the figurine you want.

Closing Thoughts

The value of any figurine or item which a person collects is based more on the enjoyment received then the price of the item.