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My Take On Pullman's New Trilogy

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Katy Berezny By Katy Berezny on
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Oh the excitement, yet thrust of fire through my stomach, I felt when I read a recent email. Just when you think it's all over for good, here comes another one. Another witchy kid fantasy to fascinate and entice the minds, hearts and souls of our kids. Yippee, something else to distract them and toil with their minds.

Just when Harry Potter dies, another little witch comes along. Only this time her soul lives outside of her body in the form of an animal. That is so cool, huh? Well it is so awesome that I answered the 20 question survey to come up with my very own 'daemon' (pronounced DEMON). He is none other then a beautifully majestic tiger. YES my favorite!! I love kitties. The personality of this daemon is that he is just like me (and he is). His name is Adan. He is sociable, competitive, modest, proud and assertive. Sounds just like me. That is exciting to me, but wait a minute here. Why in the world should this 'daemon' (demon) be considered my SOUL? See that is what I am talking about. Why couldn't he be my side kick or my buddy lol. Why my soul? A soul is a very personal thing. It is our eternity, and not to be taken lightly. One can ask where the heck this author is going with this. I know I wonder.

From what I gather (and this is not the last of my articles on this series) this author is an atheist. Perhaps that is why he likes to mention souls in his series and call (even the children's') them daemons. Very peculiar and strange. I mean where I come from, there is either black or white. If you aren't down with God, then you are down with Satan. Atheist or not. I shall see as I go further into the series. Actually I am really looking forward to this series. I want to be able to talk about it and relate to it.

Of course my little girl knows that Harry Potter is fake and just for fun, but there is also a line that should never be crossed and that should include souls. We never go as far as to detest God or His Spirit. That is extreme and definitely not necessary to expand the imaginations of our children. Why do authors have to go there? Well because now and days it's just like that. We need to accept it as a society. I don't think so. I love my kids and I want them to have an imagination and be fascinated with dreamy things (well I am a dreamy type of gal myself so I want them to be, naturally) and fantasies. However, as a Christian woman, I have to ponder on an atheist children's author, especially if the guy is talking about souls. Right? Correct me if I seem a bit too skeptical.

I can't really get into any details obviously because I haven't seen anything but the trailer. I can't wait to see The Golden Compass when it comes out, just so I can see all the hoopla and when I talk about it, KNOW that I know all about it. I do know about the daemons and I thought it was cute and all, but calling them our souls is too extreme. More on that later.