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My True Runner

Reviewing: Kingston 2 Gb Ddr2 Pc6400 800 Mhz  |  Rating:
Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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I was very upset when I tried to play PROTOTYPE at my computer. With only 1GB amount of memory, I cannot play this game "smoothly". The game loads very slow like a "turtle". So I decided to upgrade my memory. I began to search on the Internet about what kind of memory I should use, included brand, speed, stability, and of course, the price itself. Finally I found this Kingston. But still I was confused, because Kingston itself has much kind of features with variable price. There are DDR 600, DDR 800, DDR 1066, and so on. At the first time I do not understand about what is DDR 600, 800, 1066, and so on. Later my friend who knows about this explained that to me. DDR 600 running at 600MHZ, DDR 800 running at 800MHZ, DDR 1066 running at 1066MHZ, and so on which means that the higher the clock, then the faster the system will works on.

Finally I choose DDR 800 for my computer. Maybe you will question why I do not use DDR 1066. The answer is DDR 1066 is too expensive for me to afford it. If I buy 2GB of DDR 1066, then I can get 4GB of DDR 800. So I bought two piece of 2GB DDR 800 (2x2=4GB). I use two pieces of 2GB in order to active the Dual Channel Technology which can boost the memory preload so the system will load faster. My friend's suggestion was right! Now I can play PROTOTYPE smoothly. It only takes 3 seconds to load the game at startup and 4 seconds to preload before you play it. I can load the game very fast with Phenom X4 9850 AGENA Black Edition and my Sapphire HD3870. I was very satisfied with it result. If I have additional budget, I will upgrade it with DDR 1066.