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My Tutor Friend: K Drama Dvd

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If you are as interested in romantic movies minus sexual content, Korean dramas are the place you should be looking. My family and I first came across a Korean drama through a friend of mine that was born and raised in South Korea. Unlike American romantic comedies, Korea ones generally do not have much sexual content or too much violence; hence, most Korea dramas are safe for all ages to watch together. In fact, Korean movies are generally so pure that kissing is usually not even seen.

The latest movie that reached by romantically driven heart was, “My Tutor Friend”. The story is based upon two main characters that could not be any more different than each other. Poor Choi Su-Wan played by Kim Ha-Neul lives with her struggling single mother who runs the family fried chicken restaurant. Her father has died earlier before the start of the movie so the family generally has to work hard just to survive. Choi Su-Wan must do her part and help her mother with daily deliveries. Near the start of the movie her mother informs her about a new tutoring position she has set up for her daughter. This new tutoring position will provide enough money for Choi Su-Wan to afford tuition at the local college for one semester; hence, it is important to keep this job.

On the other side of the spectrum, the flunking student that Choi Su-Wan needs to tutor turns out to be a 21 year old millionaire son (same age as Choi Su-Wan) who has just returned from studying abroad unsuccessfully in America. Although he is 21 years old, he is two years behind in school, still studying as a junior in High School. His major method of survival is living off from his parents’ credit cards and kick-fighting.

Apparently living as a rich kid is not as posh as it sounds and when push comes to shove, Kim Ji-Hoon played by Kwon Sang-Woo takes up the challenge of his life that includes beating the local gang leaders and proving to his demanding parents of his sincerity of wanting to do better and succeed in life. All at the same time, Kim Ji-Hoon starts to fall in love for his teacher Choi Su-Wan. Likewise, Choi Su-Wan does the same but is torn between being the teacher and the lover.

I suggest this movie to teens and adults. It does have a few comments that refer to sexual content so I would not suggest this movie for smaller children, although it is all in clean fun. In addition, I strongly recommend this movie to those who have not found true love but need a little assistance in the matter, instead of those self-help books at the bookstore.