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My Two Cents

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This movie, The Clique, is an incredible window into what pre-teens and young teens experience every day. When they go to school everyday whether it be junior high or high school, they feel pressured to do the things that make the popular girls or guys popular. Their natural need to be accepted by their peers is what keeps them going. When they wake up in the morning the first thing on their mind is probably "here we go again." dreading another day at school because they most likely aren't themselves, their who everyone else wants them to be. When their getting dressed for school they think "Will so and so like this" they dress, act, and physically respond how others want or expect them to. This movie totally projects that onto the screen. The lead character Massie Block "Miss Popular" pretty much runs the school. Everyone follows her lead because she's rich and her family buys her what ever she wants. She is so used to getting her way that she's never even considered the needs of someone else, besides her dog Bean. The new girl to the school Claire is a small town girl, trying to find her way through junior high with a self obsessed neighbor like Massie. Massies' three best friends (more like minions) Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen do whatever Massie "strongly suggests" because she's top dog. She's never really been a good friend but she has her moments. Throughout the course of the movie the girls all realize what is important in life and learn to prioritize and that more than anything always be who you are, and not who others want you to be. Parents I strongly suggest this movie for you all so that you can get a glimpse of what it's like to be your teenage son or daughter. The amount of pressure and influence on them to do things they may or may not be comfortable with. Talk with your children, have an actual conversation not you talking at them, talk with them. You'd be surprised how much, knowing you can come to your parents no matter what, does to someone entering the high school high phase of life. I recommend this to teens between the ages of 11-15, and parents of all ages. The DVD is Jam packed with extra behind the scenes footage. You can meet the characters, the director, and even hear the opinions of other people who helped bring this amazing project to life. It is a must have.