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My Very Own Cross Ballpen!

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poshpost By poshpost on
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I got my very own Cross Ballpen! And I got it for FREE!

Yeah, I have always wanted a Cross Ballpen, but it is way too expensive for my means. I mean, I need a pen, because I am a writer and I interview people. But I am not willing to spend at the very least $20 for a pen. Sorry, I have other priorities.

But I have always wanted one.

Eventually, HSBC credit cards offered a reward for referring somebody to them. There were reward tiers but if you get to refer even just 1 person, you get a Cross Ballpen. And I was able to. The sad part was, the pen had to be claimed in another city that could be travelled 30 minutes by plane or 8 hours by bus. Finally, I found somebody to get it for me. But I got scared because he claimed my pen a day before the deadline of redemption.

But anyway, after everything that had happened, I finally got my own Cross Ballpen. The design is short and stout. It was especially designed with the golf ball image in mind, because surface of the pen is covered with holes like that of a golf ball. But when I used it to write, my gosh, it was gliding on paper! And it did not matter what kind of paper I wrote on, the pen would glide! I love it! It seemed that my penmanship improved by using Cross Ballpen. I am not sure if the effect was psychological but it since it writes easily then probably there is an improvement in my handwriting. Or I am just inspired to write???

I don't know how much this costs because this was a gift from HSBC.

My only other suggestion, if I had my way, I would have one that is longer and sleeker. It is much graceful to write with that kind of pen.