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My Wine Glasses Sing

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These gorgeous hand blown wine glasses were originally a set of 6 purchased individually at $30 per glass - yes, my brother and his wife were just that crazy!

I've owned these glasses now for a number of years and like my silverware and good china, they rarely see an outing from the china cabinet unless there is a special occasion or a holiday approaching. These wine glasses actually make me nervous! They are expensive enough and special enough that I literally cringe when I have to use them. I've already broken one so now I have a set of 5.

The glass is unique in that when you place white wine in them they give off a very slight rainbow effect but when you place red wine in them the rainbow effect is even more pronounced. These are actually white wine glasses, with long stems and a solid wide base that makes them quite sturdy when setting them down on a surface but they appear so fragile that many people don't like using them for fear they will break them.

These glasses however are a lot sturdier than they look. I have actually clinked a few of them together accidently and held my breath waiting for them to shatter yet they've held up remarkably well.

They have a large oval bowl shape and they "sing" as my husband discovered one evening when he decided to "play" with them. By wetting your finger slightly and running it around the edge of the rim you can get these little beauties to emit a very high pitched "tone". I am told that this is a sign of quality glass - how true that is I'm not certain though.

These are my favorite wine glasses and they have special meaning for us. My brother and his wife divorced a few years ago so these glasses represent many happy memories from a time when family gatherings were often and there were no worries of things to come.

These add a very nice touch to any dinner table and although these glasses will do well if put in the dishwasher, they have only seen the dishwasher once and as I wasn't the one to wash them on that occasion, they've never seen the inside of a dishwasher since.

I would love to get more of these but we simply don't drink enough wine to justify the cost. They are well worth the money, however if you are a connoisseur of fine wines and fine wine glasses.

*I'll have images as soon as I can take some with my cell camera*