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My Brute: Flash Based Fighting Game

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I usually do not play a lot of Flash-based games on the Internet because I am often busy playing CounterStrike Source (2004) or Left 4 Dead (2008). Every so often, I do play one that holds my attention for an hour or so, but I quickly tire of it or move on to something else. One of my gaming buddies suggested I and others in our gaming community to play MyBrute.com with him in May 2009. At his request, I decided to give it a try. MyBrute is a free Flash-based game where you create a fighter and pit them against other ones. Over time, your character gains experience and levels up. Your growth comes with certain perks, such as gaining new weapons or skills.

There are a couple positive things about MyBrute. First of all, you can customize your character to your liking. There are many options for colors, body appearance, and gender, and you can name your fighter (as long as it is a name that has not been taken yet). Also, it is a lot of fun when you level up and gain new characteristics. Sometimes you will receive a new weapon or pet that you cannot wait to try out in your next fight. It is entertaining to watch your character face off against other ones and see who wins. The fights themselves are animated well, having a distinct anime feel to the characters' appearances. As for the maturity level of the fights, there is no blood or graphic deaths in the game, so people of all ages can play the game.

Many of the positive aspects of MyBrute, however, also come with many shortcomings. When your character achieves another level, you get a new perk, but you cannot choose what that is; it is a random assignment. You cannot manually upgrade your character with a specific power, which was disappointing to me when I first realized it. Consequently, character balance is non-existent. If you have a bad set of skills, you will not advance as quickly as a person who gained a good one by chance.

Even worse, you cannot control your Brute in a fight. To clarify, it seems that the fights consist of a random use of skills and weapons determined by a random number generator. Once you engage in a fight with another Brute with the click of a button, your participation in the fight is over. In other words, you can choose who you fight with but not how you fight; it is very frustrating when your character fails to win because they refused to use the right skill/weapon.

There are also technical issues that have yet to be addressed. When you create your character, it is advisable that you also create a password to access your fighter's profile. The reason to do so is that if you do not, someone else can access your fighter and create a password of their own, blocking you from using your Brute indefinitely. It would be much more sensible to require a person to create a password during the creation phase of their Brute, rather than allow the possibility that they will not, but as of this writing, MyBrute.com still has this flaw.

As for the game itself, there is a limit of 3 fights per day in order to offset unfair leveling of a character, but this is an ineffective way to balance characters. There are already players that are at Level 251, and undoubtedly, there is little hope of catching up with them with a limit of 3 fights a day or any limit for that matter. Also, the website often goes down for maintenance at night for 2-3 hours, and people are unable to view or progress with their Brute if they attempt to sign in at these times.

I am currently at Level 16 and am planning to stop soon, due to my Brute being very weak against other players. The person who recommended this game to me stopped playing weeks ago, as have many other players in our community. The first few levels of fighting with your Brute are fun to watch, but after Level 10, the enjoyment dissipates. I began to notice that there was not much to do besides finding another player and clicking the "Fight" button. You consistently have to win fights in order to level up, which can be taxing since there is a limit to how many fights you are able to initiate in one day. Level "grinding" is not considered amusing in any game, and MyBrute seems to encourage it as the only form of play.

In conclusion, MyBrute is a game that is easily accessible by general audiences with its simple mechanics and decent graphics, but it suffers from several weaknesses in gameplay. It is an amusing diversion for 2 or 3 weeks, but it becomes boring when gaining levels is more work than fun. For new or inexperienced gamers, you can try this out with minimal time and effort invested. For advanced gamers, I would suggest sticking with the games you play now.