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My Check Free Bill Payment Service

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Being a person who is handicapped, I hate to have to run out and pay my bills at the local store or location which accepts bill payments. Of course, there is a fee for this service. I, also, do not like to mail checks through the mail. It just takes to long and is another hassle.

I use to do all my bill paying over the phone to avoid these headaches. With the increasing use of automated systems, which I hate, this just became another headache. I could use automatic withdrawal from the bank, but even this has a certain degree of headaches. Making sure your bills are in sink with each other so you are not surprised by the withdrawal just becomes more bother then it is worth.

For the past few years, I have discovered a much better way to pay my bills. I began using the Internet to pay all my bills, and I have found a great free service to do it. MyCheckFree is the online service I now use.


* Convince of paying all bills from one internet site.

* Email receipt is promptly sent when payment is complete.

* Date payment will be received by the company is known the minute you complete the payment transaction.

* Payment received date is closely tied to the due date on the original bill. This keeps payments from being past due.

* Bills can be sent to your Email, and you can track your bills and payments at the website.

* Sign up is easy and free.

* After you have signed up, future payments take only seconds. Your information is stored, and a couple of clicks with the mouse completes the payment transaction.

* A very long list of companies which this service will handle is listed at the site. Most utility and cable companies appear on the list. A wide variety of companies are handled through MyCheckFree.

I have nothing bad to say about this service. About the only drawback would be if your utility company or cable company is not on the list. This would mean you couldn't use this service and that would be a drawback.

I have saved money by not paying for payment fees and postage. I am glad to have found this service which saves me time and makes bill paying less hassle. Anything which can lesson the hassle of paying bills is a great asset.

I would recommend this service to anyone looking to lesson the hassle of paying bills.