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Mylicon Gas Relief Drops,Dye Free 1fl.0z.

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By Geralyn Hydock on
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Is your baby full of gas and is he/she screaming to beat the band? Most of us have been there before. One of my three sons suffered with gas when he was a baby. There were no such drops when he had gas so I used peppermint or fennel tea. It was different when my little grandson had gas, the doctor recommended these Mylecon drops to soothe him. They worked like magic!

My grandson had been crying and we were not exactly sure what the problem was. I thought it was gas therefore my daughter-in-law asked her pediatrician about it. The doctor agreed and he recommended Mylecon Gas Relief drops. The drops are available over the counter so I bought them in our local grocery store. I followed the recommended dosage and the drops worked extremely well. My grandson was feeling well in no time.

I highly recommend these drops to all parents who have babies suffering with gas. They work for gas that is caused by swallowing air or gas which is due to certain foods or formulas. If the pain continues I would take your baby to the doctor as it could be something more serious.