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Mylicon Infant Gas Drops

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I wasn't sure which category to actually place this in?? i think it works ok here though! Hope it's helpful!

I bought this product for the first time almost 18 years ago when I had my first baby. He was a very grouchy, gasey baby.It was awful to watch day after day Night after NIGHT! I was hoping to find some relief for him (and myself).His pediatrician suggested that we try Mylicon Infant gas Drops.

He was maybe a month old when we first gave it to him. (You should follow the directions on the box/ask your pediatrician for correct dosages.)With in minutes (10-15 tops)I could tell that it was working.Baby settled down, wasn't screaming and struggling in pain any more.

It's a pinkish, kind of marshmallow tasting "syrup" The babies don't seem to mind the taste, It's pretty easy to give them ... the really young ones of course have trouble so just dispense SLOWLY (if using the dropper).

It comes with a dropper (like the infant tylenol) but you can also mix it with formula, breast milk, what ever baby can drink from a bottle.

I always found it easier to use the dropper if baby was already having gas pains. However you can use it as a preventative by giving like I said in a bottle added to the formula.

It does stain pink. However i have recently seen this on the market in a stain free formula.

I have 5 children ages 18yrs to 6months old. I have purchased and used this product with each and every one of my kids. I will say that results varied...sometimes it worked really fast, sometimes it took up to half an hour,

Sometimes it didn't work at all.Not sure why.

Even though sometimes it didn't do the trick, I felt that it was WELL worth having for all the times that it DID work.

The active ingredient in this is simethicone 20mg per 0.3mL (thats the smallest dose on the dropper)

It is kind of expensive I think 12 dollars a half fluid ounce bottle (it's SO worth it). But, my babies grew out of their gasiness after they were about 2-3 months old and I only ever needed 1 bottle each baby. (except with my first baby ..we needed more)

I think it's a really good product for relieving the symptoms of a gasy baby.

As with all children's/ infant medications please be sure to ask your doctor if it's ok for your child to take.