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Myrtle Beach Sheraton Broadway Plantation

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By mizdiz on
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We stayed at the Broadway Plantation with my sister's family. There were 4 adults and 5 kids. My sister and her 3 boys stayed in a 2 bedroom and my family stayed in a 1 bedroom. The rooms are very spacious. We liked the fact that we had a full kitchen and a washer and dryer.

The Sheraton Broadway Plantation is a vacation club/time share. You can stay on a cash basis, even if you are not a member. None of us are members. My family paid cash for our room and booked through Last Minute Travel. We did not have to sit through the time share presentation. My sister and her husband booked through the Sheraton and paid cash, but also had to do the time share presentation. It is my opinion that they did not get a good deal on their room and they still had to sit through the presentation.

I was a little annoyed with the staff. Our first day, we got a call from the front desk activities person asking if we picked up our discount coupons and she tried to talk me into sitting through the timeshare presentation, offering me show tickets. I wasn't interested and had to tell her so about 3 times before she finally gave up. Since we paid for our room, we got housekeeping service. They called us every morning at 9:00 to ask us what time would be good for housekeeping to come. The first time we told them 1:00. We came back from the beach at 2:30 and the room had not been cleaned. At 4:00, housekeeping knocked on the door. She handed me some towels and left. Didn't even ask me if I wanted the room cleaned. The next day, we got the unwanted 9:00 wake up call again, asking the same question. This call was soooo annoying because we were staying up late at night and every time we gave them a time for housekeeping, they never came when we asked. We couldn't figure out what the point was. One of the times we asked them to come at 10:45 because we knew we would be leaving the room at about 10:30. They showed up at 9:30 and told us if they didn't clean it now, they wouldn't get to it until late afternoon. I didn't think they did a very good job cleaning, either. On our last day, housekeeping showed up at 9:30. We were packing up the room and my husband and son were standing at the door about to go downstairs to clean the car out and take a couple bags down. My son had his ds in his hand. Housekeeping didn't even knock, just opened the door. When she did this, the door hit my son and knocked his DS out of his hand. She didn't apologize or anything. Just shut the door and left. Thank goodness my son was not hurt and his DS was not broken. Enough about housekeeping. Oh - by the way - my sister did not get housekeeping at all and she was not happy about that. I guess when you book through the timeshare, you don't get that benefit.

I thought the pool was great for the younger kids. Not so much for the older kids. My nephews are teenagers and the pools were only 3.5 feet deep. Pretty disappointing for them. There was an indoor pool, a pool with a lazy river, a kiddie pool, and a splash zone. The splash zone was about calf deep on me. It had a ship and some other things that the smaller kids could play on and slide down. There was water squirting everywhere. There was also a large slide that the older kids could use. My son (8) did not like the splash zone - he was too big for it, but did like the one slide, although he got bored of that quickly. My daughter (4) loved the splash zone. Both kids preferred the beach over the pool because they said they can swim at the pool at home, but can't go to the beach.

The resort has a putt putt course that is free. They also have games and things for the kids to do and movies you can check out. There is not a restaurant on site, but the pool does have a bar/grill.

The hotel is not on the beach. It is really close to Broadway at the Beach. We drove to the beach every day and parked in public access. It was difficult to find parking if you didn't start looking until after 11 am.

This is the first time I've ever stayed at Myrtle Beach and not been in a hotel on the beach. I would definitely prefer to be on the beach and will not stay here again.