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My Sims Wii Games

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Elayne Amelia By Elayne Amelia on
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I love this game, well I am The Sims Series Game Lover after all, for me this is an extraordinary games for Wii from my favorite The Sims Series Game. This MySims game begins by letting us create our own, sexless sims, the process is just like other The Sims Games. The character creation system isn’t particularly in-depth like The Sims 2 for PC but we do have the options to change their eyes, mouths, hairstyles and outfits. At this game, after I create my sim, I create a home and workshop using a simplified version of the classic Sims building tools. Then I use the Wii Remote to drag pieces onto the land. The game provide me easy guidance for where you can and cannot place the items and which one would be most appropriate for what I was trying to build.

By this basics underway, I then started to making a living for my Sim. My character then visit various residents in their businesses and homes. The residents ask My Sim to build something for them. The game presents a 3D blueprint of what I was trying to build and helps me assemble the furniture by highlighting the necessary pieces and snapping them into place if My Sim get close enough. If you play it, as you progress through the game you’ll get continually more complicated furniture to build and eventually you’ll have to build without the blueprints. This is what makes differences between other The Sims Series Games, simple and awesome game.