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My Sims Wii Version

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By blegs1992 on
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A game not of the Sims series, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube was a huge success critically and commercially. Since Animal Crossing, we have not seen an Animal Crossing game for a home console before MySims. Before it was released, MySims was referred to as the Animal Crossing clone or something similar. Is MySims truly in the league of Animal Crossing? The game begins with Mayor Rosalyn of Town (your choice) telling the story of the town. She describes the town being prosperous and all its residents being happy because of one man who could grant all their residential wishes. He had the power of applying things like apples or flowers into something that can change the aura of an item. One day, the man strangely disappears and then the residents disappear with him. Then you come along and somehow have the same powers this man had. You use these powers to make Town (your choice) a prosperous community again. What you actually do in the game is easy to put: You build houses for incoming residents and give them furniture they want. It's a back and forth process, and this is what makes it an Animal Crossing clone. While Animal Crossing does this beautifully, the game did nothing but these two things, which made the game overly tedious and got boring quickly. There were a lot of loading screens that took forever to load. I was excited for this game, but it turned out rather mediocre. I'd give this one a rent or if you could buy it for a measly $20, that'd be worth your money.