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Myst 10th Anniversary Dvd Edition

Reviewing: Ubisoft/Cyan Worlds Myst, Riven, And Exile (3 Games In One)  |  Rating:
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The Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition introduced me to the Myst series of puzzle games. From the moment I loaded Myst onto my computer, I was captured by the puzzle gaming world and I'm still entrenched. In the Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition you get three games: Myst, Riven, and Exile. These are the first three in the Myst series of games by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. Rated E for everyone.

First, this special 10th Anniversary DVD Edition is for Windows or Mac. Windows 98 or XP and Mac 8.1 or 9.1. You need 64 MB of ram (256 for XP). The DVD edition application is an upgrade to the games as they were originally introduced on CD-ROM.

Myst is the most primitive of the three games. This is not a bad thing though. You are directed through the scenes since you have an onscreen guide (book). This puzzle game is vivid and the scenes are beautifully imaginative.

Riven takes Myst one-step further. You are surrounded by even more beautiful graphics. The puzzles are captivating and the story only adds to the series. Riven moves beyond Myst and gives the player more control. The scenes are more fluid and move seamlessly.

Exile is my favorite of these three Myst games. The puzzles are truly mind boggling in some cases. I found myself looking for cheats online just to move myself through the game.

Each game can be played stand-alone. However, to really grasp the story, playing through the entire series is the way to go.

You will find yourself playing these Myst games and saying, "I don't know how they could top that." This Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition is a must have if you are a puzzle game enthusiast.