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Mystery Of The Phenomenon Explained.... In Detail

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I spend a lot of time working with small business owners, strategizing their retail and marketing endeavors and working out the best way to get them out of the production shops and into the public's homes. Some of the best ideas/designs/concepts never make it to the public because our retail channels are run by big business conglomerates that take such a cut off the top, the business supplying the product can't even afford the shipping to get it to the Big Brothers R Us chains across the country.

The Tipping Point offers a unique view of the hows and whys of a viral campaign- the word of mouth epidemic that completely sidesteps years of capital wasted on traditional channels of advertising and creates a quickening that results in what we love to call "over-night successes".

Does the book give you a step by step walk through of how to become an overnight success? No. But it does give you enough background and case studies to fully understand the movement of the epidemic and a nice view of the key players/elements in creating your own.

Much like providing a diving board but not teaching you how to dive, the book requires some patience to get through. Our society is so ready to scream "get to the point, just tell me what to do" that I don't think even the conclusion section will satisfy a majority of its readers. However... if you sip it slowly and take in all the information one piece at a time, the amount you can learn is, well, a phenomenon in itself.

I highly recommend it to folks who are interesting in case studies and the psychology behind marketing and business leadership, but I do not recommend it to those looking for a magic pill.