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N The 2 D Ninja Game

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mrbubl3s By mrbubl3s on
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N is a simple flash game that is a side-scroller without the scroll, consists of a stick figure and sort of simple (not really, sometimes) obsacles. The object of this game is to get to a switch which opens a door, and get to the door, I know, sounds dumb and boring. No, to get to the switch you might, well, almost always have to get to a couple other swithes to open doors leading to the main switch, but with doing that, you need to climb up walls, avoid laser beams, chaingus, mines, things that zap you, (lots more) and your main enemy in most cases, gravity. This is quite the bloody game, in a sense, whenever you die you fall apart in a bloody mess. Oh yeah, and besides the lasers/gravity, you only have a life expectancy of about a minute or so, but because of your 1337 ninja-ness lust, you can survive longer if you find some gold! I would recommend this game to most people (most because of blood, little kids and such), it will run on pretty much any computer simply because its a 2D game, and, V. 1.4 is only 1.3MB, includes 500 maps and built in map editor!. The only bad thing about this game is (in my opinion), there is no side scrolling.