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Nail Enamal Dryer... Sort Of...

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Beauty Secrets Nail Enamel Dryer promotes itself as a 'finishing spray' for nails. I use this product myself, but I think the claims are a bit misleading. It does help with SOME stages of drying, but it doesn't actually DRY the nails. Only time will do that job!

After I finish polishing my nails, I spray a light coat of the finishing spray over the wet polish; using a smooth, back-and-forth motion to keep the spay evenly distributed. It sprays out as an oily-type coating, but I can't tell you for sure what the ingredients are because they make no sense to me. I know alcohol is one thing in the list--and propane--yikes!

Now here's what the product REALLY does. It leaves this oily 'sheen' over the top of the wet polish. Example: Lets say, a scarf, (or something light) brushes against your nails; the scarf will sort of 'glide' over your nails and will not stick to the wet polish. If you lightly touch your nails with your finger, they won't feel tacky because of the oil coating. On the other hand, if you bang, or scrape your nails on a hard surface, you'll bugger 'em up just like anyone else with wet polish. Likewise, when you polish your toenails, you shouldn't put socks or shoes on until your nails are thoroughly dry. The spray will give you minimal protection from smudging during drying time; enough to do a light task that won't put pressure on the nail bed. The product has a pleasant baby powdery smell, and the oil conditions the cuticles and nails. However, this product will not, I repeat, will not instantly dry your nails no matter how many times you spray them!

To sum things up-- this isn't really a nail enamel dryer; but it does help protect your nail polish (a little) during the time it takes to dry.