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Nail Stickers

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If you like to paint your nails, especially your toenails, you are going to love this product. It's a simple and colorful way to get your toes ready to be seen!

The pictures above are some of my collection of nail stickers. I just bought a new package from Target (Pink one) and it was $3.00. You get different amounts in every package, so I can't give you a specific number of the stickers each package contains. I will give you some advice. The smaller the sticker, the harder it is to get off the paper and on to your nails. They seem to tear easier when they are small.

I have flowers, white decals, stickers with gems on them (blue packages) and some fun holiday ones. To use these you need to paint your nails first and let them completely dry. Once you have picked your stickers, think carefully about placement. Once you put them on the nail, it's almost impossible to move them around. I just use my fingers to apply the stickers, but you might need to use tweezers until you get the hang of it.

Next apply the sticker or stickers and be creative! Peel off the sticker from the paper and press it down firmly on the nail. Now you need to apply some clear nail polish on top of the sticker to seal it. That's it. Pretty simple and it looks like you just came from the nail salon.

Removal of the sticker is a little tricky. Use nail polish remover to remove the polish and some of the sticker may come off. You will end up using your nail to remove the rest of the sticker.

You always have to use polish first or the sticker won't stick to the nail. I have applied the smaller stickers to my granddaughter's toenails and she loves them. It's a special treat for her and I put only one sticker on each big toe. You could use a sticker on each fingernail or toenail if you like that look too.

So get ready for summer and show off those beautifully polished nails. Add some stickers or gems and slip on some sandals!

Update On Aug 27, 2009: I recently bought some more nail stickers called 3D stickers by the same manufacturer. These did not stay on as long as the other kind. They are raised up....3D.....and it came off during the night when I was sleeping. I applied them the same way and put the top coat to seal it on.......but it still lifted off the nail. Stick to the other ones......the 3D stickers are a waste of money!