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Nair Lasting Effects Waxing Strips

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kakoa By kakoa on
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I have never been a fan of the whole waxing idea, but my hubby wanted to try it on his chest. He usually just shaves his chest because it tends to get hot and itchy, but it grows back rather quickly. He asked me if waxing would be any better and all I said was "it's going to hurt!"

Professional waxing was very expensive in our area and he didn't want to pay that much for something he wasn't sure would last long. We decided to try Nair waxing strips instead. I found these self warming ones that seemed easy to use and were not too expensive. A box of 32 strips (16 double sided) only cost about $12.00.

To warm these strips, all you have to do is rub them between your hands for about a minute. The wax does get warm and soft quite easily. We did what the instructions said, apply the strip in the direction of the hair growth. Then with one quick pull against the lay of the hair, the strip was supposed to come right off, along with all the hair.

Well, yes...the strip and the hair did come off like it said. But so did a little of the top layer of his skin in some places. His skin almost instantly turned red and small dots of blood came to the surface where the hair had been pulled out.

He was in pain! My hubby is a tough guy and this brought tears to his eyes! I put my hand over the spot we had just tried it on and tried to sooth the pain. It finally started getting better after about 5 minutes.

We tried it again on a different part of his chest, and the same thing happened. After the second one he said no more! It wasn't worth the pain.

Over the next couple weeks we watched the hair growth difference between the waxed areas and the shaved areas. The waxed areas did take longer to grow back, but it only lasted about 2 weeks before the hair started growing again. I had no intention of trying them, and he never wanted to do it again, so I ended up just throwing the rest away.