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Naked In Death

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After picking up one of the other "In Death" books from my local library, and discovering it was actually a series, I decided to go back and start with number one.

The author for the book "Naked In Death" is J.D. Robb, who is actually a pen name for the auther Nora Roberts. I am a fan of Nora Roberts, which is what led me to the series to begin with. Let me tell, the Naked In Death book did not disappoint!

One of the reasons that I enjoyed this book is because of the strong female lead- the entire In Death series is centered around main character Eve Dallas, a New York Lieutenant Police Officer. She definitely commands respect, and works in the homicide department, so each book generally revolves around the case she is working on at the moment.

I love the style of writing in this book- it is set in the future, and contains a good mix of futuristic element and modern day elements. Some of the comments that characters make about items and technologies we have today make them seem antiquated, which is a funny twist on things in my opinion.

This book is suspenseful, and I recommend having lots of time when you set out reading it, because you won't want to put it down! There is a love interest for Eve introduced in this book, Roarke, who causes turmoil in Eve's personal life, and it is nice to see the conflicts of a career woman trying to handle love and her job at the same time.

While I think the target audience for this book is probably women, I think the suspense and action is strong enough to be a good read for anyone.