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Namejs Wedding Rings

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When my husband and I were first married we each just had a very basic wedding band. My husband is from Latvia and they have a ring there called a Namejs ring. My husband first had one when we were dating but it was stolen. I always admired that ring and said one day I would like to have one as my wedding ring.

For our 15th anniversary my dear husband surprised me by having a pair of these rings made by a jeweler who was a friend of a friend in Chicago. They became our new wedding rings and I have not taken mine off since that day. Although they are very heavy, I hope the pictures show you just how beautiful and intricate these rings are. The are made of 14K braided gold and then entwined with a much smaller braid around the first. It reminds me of two hearts entwined with each other and that what makes this design so special to me.

I can't tell you how many jewelers have commented on them, especially when my husband and I come in together and they see that we each have one.

Of course there is a story behind this ring and I hope you don't mind if I share it with you. Namejs was the leader and one of the last warriors against the invasion of German crusaders into Latvia at the beginning of the 13th century. Outnumbered, he was forced to retreat to Lithuania but before leaving, Namejs gave his ring to his son so he would recognize him when he returned. The German crusaders found out and began searching for the son so that Namejs would surrender. In order to save their leader and family, copies of this ring were made and most of the Latvian boys and men began wearing this ring.

To this day this ring identifies one Latvian to another. I searched for these online in case someone was interested in them and I did find a website that sells them (although at a higher price than what my husband paid). www.balticshop.com