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Nano 1st Gen Plays Video Wahhhh!

Reviewing: Rock Box I Pod Nano First Gen  |  Rating:
luvettes91 By luvettes91 on
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I was browsing Amazon one day because I wanted to upgrade my nano and buy an mp3 video player....I then decided to save up for the Creative Zen. I wanted some more info about this mp3 player and possibly a review so I googled it. I went to the video page of google and found a video called Ipod nano that plays video...and I was very intrigued. I ended up searching for about 10 minutes before I found about a software build for the ipod nano that could enable it to play video called Rockbox. I wanted to download it but was hesitant thinking it could mess up my ipod but decided it was ok and tried it anyway. What struck me as interesting was that you could in fact switch between this firmware and the original ipod firmware. This was convenient as I wouldn't have to upload my music library all over again. I could switch to ipod firmware when I wanted to listen to music and back to rockbox when I wanted to watch videos. The cons of the firmware is that it may be a little difficult to navigate around the ipod at first but you'll get the hang of it. And the ipod nano has a really small screen so this might not be the best but if it helps me get through exercise on the treadmill I'm all for it.