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Nasalate Relieves Nasal Dryness Fast!

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Spray Fast Pharmaceuticals Relieves Dryness

I have been experiencing sores inside my nose due to the cold weather which is starting to get my nasal and nostril really dry. This is common to me during cold season. Now it is spring here in Australia but for me it feels like it's winter already.

Every morning and before bed time I had to clean my nose due to blockage. This is not because of colds or flu but the dried skin inside my nose cracked and discharge liquid that gets dry and hard like an infected skin. Therefore, my nose gets blocked and really sore. The cleaning takes time. I have to do it slowly and carefully so as not to cause more damage to the dry skin in my nose. But no matter how carefully I do it, my nose ends up bleeding and painful inside.

The pharmacist recommended to me Nasalate Dry Relief Oil Nasal Spray. She said Nasalate is the best she can recommend to me. It lubricates dry nasal tissue, reduces nasal irritation that cause sores and itchiness. Nasalate is also non-medicated and preservative free. It is made up of all natural ingredients including sesame oil, vitamin E, eucalyptus and menthol.

It is easy to use Nasalate. It is contained in a small bottle that has a nozzle. Insert the nozzle into the nostril and pump 1 to 3 times. Direct the spray in different directions inside the nose to make sure that all areas inside are lubricated. Wipe the tip of the nozzle with a tissue after every use and replace the cap.

With Nasalate Spray, I learned that we must always keep our nose well-lubricated. Nasal dryness can be caused by the following: dry climate and airconditioned environment; colds and flu; age related nasal dryness; nasal surgery; and certain nasal medication. Our nose, if well-lubricated helps to produce mucus which traps bacteria and other pollutants which can reach the lungs. This is important to avoid upper respiratory tract infections. I also learned that sesame oil, which is the main ingredient of Nasalate is rich in vitamin E, natural antioxidant and concentrated moisturizer.

Today is the third day I'm using Nasalate. I can tell that the cold sores in my nose are better. I don't feel any pain and there is no more bleeding. I wish I knew about Nasalate years ago. It is really effective and works fast! I will make sure that I always have Nasalate Spray in my bag. I think it is also a good idea to keep one in the First Aid kit at home.