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National Treasure The Movie

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Starring Nicholas Cage, National Treasure is one of my favorite movies of all time. Ben Gates is a treasure hunter; he has spent his entire life looking for a lost treasure, hidden by the Knights of Templar. The history of the treasure goes back centuries, growing in size every time someone finds it but suddenly disappeared from the pages of American and world history decades ago. The only clue left lies with the Gates family, handed from father to son, all searching for the treasure, until it came to Ben. Betrayed by a friend, Ian, on the hunt for the treasure, Ben must steal the Declaration of Independence to protect it from being distroyed. With the help of his best friend Riley Poole, Ben rescues Dr. Abigail Chase, from Ian and his team to find themselves on the run from the authorities and Ian to find the treasure first. Ben, Riley and Abigail must avoid going to jail while trying to stay alive. When Ben is captured by the FBI, Ian helps him escape but with a price. This movie is exciting, thrilling, funny and just great to watch. Enriched with history. You will get into this movie so good idea to watch with no distractions.