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Natural Beauty Treatment Almond Oil

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A few years ago I came across some information related to Sweet Almond Oil and how it was a great little thing to have in your beauty supply cupboard to ward off fine lines, smooth the complexion and help calm redness or inflammation of the skin. I wasn't certain about this - after all Almond Oil is considered a Vegetable oil and the last thing I wanted on my skin was something that might cause break outs.

Despite the concerns though I picked up a bottle. It comes in a dark brown bottle to keep light from the oil so that it won't turn rancid. It was relatively inexpensive and due to the fact that you don't need a great deal of this to go a long way, it lasts and lasts! I've had my little bottle for about a year now.

I use Sweet Almond oil on those occasions when my skin feels dryer than it should and I use it just on my face & neck. This does work very, very well as a moisturizer and it also rids my skin of those slightly dry patches every so often that I get when I've "experimented" with a new facial cream that I learn too late didn't like me.

The smell of this oil is sort of sweet and nutty and the oil is often used in Aromatherapy products mainly involving massage oils but because of it's natural moisturizing properties, Sweet Almond Oil is often included in things like soaps, lotions and creams. Sweet Almond oil is for all skin types and given that I have pretty sensitive skin, I have been able to tolerate it very well. It is also said to be a great muscle treatment for sore muscles although I've not put this claim to the test.

As a moisturizer however, I love this stuff. I imagine it could be used to soften skin just about anywhere on the body and would work especially well if rubbed onto heels of feet and then have cotton socks or warm socks of some sort to cover the feet in order to allow the oil to penetrate but not get all over anything else like bedclothes or floors etc.

If you are looking for an anti-aging solution for fine lines, a facial conditioner to smooth out rough patches or redness and you want something that is both natural and affordable, then this just might be a perfect solution that works well and is found in the "Topical Solutions" aisle of almost any pharmacy. I located this one in an area where the Rubbing Alcohol, Witchhazel, Glycerin and Rosewater products were located.

I consider this one of my favorite "secret" weapons ;)