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Natural Food Your Dog Will Love

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Half way through 2009, my 14 year old "puppy" was diagnosed with cancer. Thus I begun intensive research online for alternative therapies, as she is 14 years old, and wouldn't understand going through, radiation, chemo, and possible tumor removal. That just seemed like a lot for a 14 year old to deal with.

What I found out was so amazing about cancer and its treatments, I feel like I could now practice oncology.. (ok maybe not.. :) )

But I did find out that Cancer cells thrive on Carbohydrates. Meaning the more carbs you eat, the faster you fuel cancer cell growth. Well, me and my family came to the conlusion that we would make our dog's last year (S?) as enjoyable as possible without suffering.

I found this dog mix online that you mix with 5 pounds of meat - which doesnt feed the cancer cells. It is 100% grain free, and Allergen free ( most dogs are alleric to the wheat and corn meal in foods). It is all natural, with foods that are high in antioxidants, to help your dog build up its immune system.

Now, I have 2 dogs, 1 that is sick, and 1 that is not.. and they both love it! I can make a pot, and it will last me about 3 weeks. Since dogs are carnivores this makes more sense to feed them something they can digest easily anyway. I will continue to use this dogfood once my beloved "puppy" passes, but for now, 6 months later, she still out there chasing the squirrels!!

The package came in about 3 days after my first order, and if you order multiple products, they eliminate the shipping costs. You can order it online at their site, and I have started ordering it online at their amazon site, as it was a bit less expensive.