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Natural Selection

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Natural Selection a Half-Life 1 Based mod. This game is played threw the Steam Network using half-life 1 as its base. This game is about two races, Kharra and the Marines. They fight in 2 types of games, NS or CO.

CO stands for Combat Map, in this style you battle to kill either the CC=Command Chair or The HIVE. You gain levels from kills and use points from levels to upgrade.

NS stands for Natural Selection, this is the base game style, Marines build in there base as there Commander in the CC places buildings and weapons for them. While Kharra use Gorges to build Resource Towers and begin to straight out attack any humans they see.

Each Race is played completely differently.

Humans- Rely on there CC, They work as a team to get RS and upgrades to help kill the Kharra.

Kharra- Played much by yourself or as a team. RS is distributed between players. Each class does different things. Main class must have is a Gorge the building class. Hives allow you to build more Towers to Upgrade your Creature also Hives unlock New Abilitys.

This game is a free Mod Is fun but can get you mad sometimes.

WARNING: Do not play this game at night if you get scared easy or else you will need to change your pants.

I rate this game a 10/10