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Natural Shine

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By nee-cee on
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You know how you walk through the mall and there are vendors trying to get you to try this and try that, and all you're trying to do is look around? well this particular day while strolling the mall, a gentleman approached me and was very nice, and asked me would I like to see something very amazing, I guess the curiousity got the best of me and I went to his booth, he pulls out this triangular shaped object, it had three sides one side has a file on it, like an emrey board, and the other side has a buffer on it, shiny and grey, the last side was white with its. logo on it, now I am always getting my nails done at the shop, acrylics mostly, but this gentleman took my hand, (I didn't have acrylics that day)and asked for one of my fingers, he stated that he was going to show me how to get the natural oils to appear back into my nails, he used the emery board first to remove the dirt, and then he buffed my nail with the other side, I'll tell you what my nail when he was done looked like it was just applied with clear nail polish, I was very impressed and it took all but less than a minute, needless to say I did by this item, and I have it still to this day, I have'nt had to order another one and this was 5 years ago. it gives my nails a rest from the wear and tear of the acrylics, sometime.