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Nature's Miracle Stain Odor Remover

Reviewing: Nature's Miracle Stain And Odor Remover One Gallon Jug  |  Rating:
By tkddad on
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We picked up Nature's Miracle when our then 13 year old cat started having incontinent problems. He has since passed away.

But when he was still with us this product was recommended by our Vet.

It is safe on fabrics and it removes quickly without any discoloration or any smells.

Our cat had accidents through the house so we used this a lot. I had to drench the area with this product and then let it dry. After it dried we vacuum it up and it carpet looked good.

This worked very well with pet urine accidents.

I have also used it to clean the litter box and I found it takes care of any odor in the litterbox.

Another use I found for it is when my son had the stomach flu. A few times he did not make it to the bathroom on time and we used Nature's Miracle on the vomit stains and it took it right up.

My wife found another use for this product. One day my son was playing outside and he fell off his bike and skinned up his elbow and chin. He ended up getting blood on his shirt. My wife decided to try a little bit of Nature's Miracle since it said it works on blood too and it took the blood stains right out of my son's shirt!

I really like this product because it does work like it says it will. I like also the fact that it is safe around animals and children.

Even though the reason we first brought this was because of our cat's accident problem and he has since passed away, we still have a smaller bottle of Nature's Miracle on the shelf. It works on a lot of things and it is good to have on hand.