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Natures Own Complete Sleep

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theuniguy By theuniguy on
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Over recent months i've been suffering from awful sleeping. I've been having barely any night sleep, featuring numerous dreams and an alertness and the feeling of being very awake every time I step into bed. Aswell as this, i have recently been having the problem where i go to sleep, yet have problems staying asleep, leading to numerous action filled dreams. Prior to going to the doctors, I spoke to someone and they recommended Natures Own Complete Sleep. At a cost of $20 or so for 30 capsules, where 2 capsules should be taken each night, they are very expensive, and were bought purely to see if they would improve things.

The box recommends taking 2 tablets 30mins prior to going to bed and is said to be for sleep, insomnia and stress, helps you fall asleep, helps you stay asleep and allows you to wake up refreshed. Active ingredients include Lactium and Zizyphus, which are said to be very natural products.

From my experience, taking these tablets hasn't worked one bit, and my sleeping problems are mainly to do with stress, and the only way i can fix that is cut our most of my uni work or get some good de-stress vitamin tablets as taken by my girlfriend. From what I have been told by others though, if you have mild sleeping problems and have the odd bad nights sleep, i'm sure these tablets would give you the exta kick to get back into that sleeping pattern of yours.

In the end, sleep is very important and you don't know how important it is untill it's taken away as in my case, and i've had to temporarily resort to low dosages of mild over the counter sedatives. Over time and as i find out more from my doctor in a months time, i should be able to deal with these problem either through prevative medication, or aiding my sleep medications. But yes Hope this provides an alternative view to Natures Own Complete Sleep.