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Nature Wise Rabbit Pellets

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Steve Collier By Steve Collier on
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As some of you may know, I am the owner/operator of Jones Road Farms and raise rabbits on a year-round basis. This means I buy 300 to 500 pounds of rabbit feed each and every month ! NatureWise Rabbit Pellets is a pelletized feed specially developed by the Nutrena Company with balanced protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help animals achieve maximum growth and quality fur production. I know it makes my job a lot easier just by knowing the feed I give them not only makes them grow off quickly, it keeps them healthy and strong.

I don't imagine many of you have to worry about feeding 50 to 100 rabbits on a daily basis... But after using so much feed, it makes it easy to see just how much each rabbit costs to raise. A 50 lb. bag of NatureWise Rabbit Pellets cost me around $10.50, and when I divide the amount of feed by the number of rabbits I am feeding, I can see that the average cost to raise a single rabbit is around $0.50 per week !!!

It really doesn't matter if you have one or two rabbits, or one or two hundred rabbits to take care of... The most nutritional feed for your pet or livestock just so happens to be one of the most affordable as well !!! NatureWise Rabbit Pellets is the only feed I will ever buy... Because its the only feed my rabbits will ever need !