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Nba 2 K8 For Xbox 360

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Open up the thrilling NBA 2K8 with Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets on the Cover and be thrilled for days and days to come. Open up to the menu and there are many playable options such as Dynasty Mode, Exhibition, All-Star Game Mode, and my favorite: playing online.

First of all this game is an NBA basketball game for the XBOX 360 Console.

Let me explain the exciting game features that this year has. First of all, the new 3D models of the players are so real that your friends will walk into your room and ask you if you are playing a video game or if it is a game on TV. Players have all of their features as in real life such as their tattoos and body wear. Allen Iverson has the tattoo on his neck just like in real life and you always see Paul Pierce and Lebron James with their headbands.

The next new feature that this game has encompassed is that the players in this game actually shoot the ball and make moves like there real life counterparts. The funky shots of Shawn Marion and Josh Childress translate into this game as when they shoot it actually looks like them. Carlos Boozer has his behind the head shot that is awkward. Ray Allen in the game supports his quick release that is known throughout the NBA. Also, players like Kobe Bryant will be seen in this game fading away and shooting like he actually does. And when you pull up for a three with Steve Nash or Dirk Nowitzki, it seems just like they are actually doing it. Chris Paul also will be seen throwing no look passes and his famous alley-oops to Tyson Chandler that everyone knows about.

Another great feature of this game is the reality of it. A lot of tims all-star players get on hot streaks that make them unstoppable. Lebron James will get on a tear when he will go and dunk over people as well as Kobe Bryant not missing any shots. Amare Stoudemire and Yao Ming can be dominating when used in the right way..

Another brand new feature in this game is that you can do plays just like the team actually does. You call out a play and it tells you where to go, leading you to look like you are actually playing a real game. However, it is realistic in the fact that you cannot do the play too many times without the other team catching on.

The online mode is just fanastic with the ability to connect with anyone else in the world of all skills and ranks. Everyone is given a rank that climbs higher as you win more games against higher ranked opponents.

Also, real life voice from actual announcers commentate that game and will shout remarks like: "How could he miss that?" when you miss a layup or "What a shot, he is unstoppable!" They also will provide actual facts about the players hobbies, where they went to college, etc...

One last feature they have added in is NBA Blacktop. Here you can compete in streetball games, but unlike games such as NBA Street which were unrealistic, here it is outside courts and realistic. Also, the dunk contest encompasses this where you can dunk over objects such as railings and cars. Don't forget, the three point shootout is also back and better than ever as well as the All-Star Game and Rookie Game.

This game is the top basketball game currently out and is a sure buy for all basketball fans. This game will keep you thrilled for hours with the numerous features that it offers. The features I have mentioned are just a little of what is inside the CD that you play your game on. Hope you buy it as this is a greatly developed game that has basically no flaws.