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Nba 2 K8 Playstation 3 Review

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By thedefier on
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The NBA 2K Series has been known as the "king" of Basketball games on the PS2 console and even with the arrival of the next-gen PS3, it still reigns over the "other" Basketball games released.

The General Gameplay is just as how you would want a basketball game to go. Players who shoot consistently in a game "catch fire" while players who miss shots in a row "go cold", just like in an actual game we watch. The excitement builds up as one plays with another person and the 4-player feature which allows 1v2, 2v2, 3v1 and other combinations of players makes the game more interactive and addictive.

The game isn't limited to multiplayer enjoyment as the NBA 2K series was built on the coveted "Dynasty Mode", a feature wherein you take control of your very own team and try to build its dynasty through the years. Obviously, this game mode is best played alone, as a single player.

The game's popular VIP system is also back. The VIP system records a player's actions, tendencies and abilities during games and compiles it together to produce the player's records and affinities. The game will literally tell you how you play the game, whether you're a top-rated ball stealer who takes the 3-point shot often or a ball hog who focuses on superstars and is horrible on defense. The VIP system makes the game seem very mature and complicated and will be enjoyed by older, statistical people. However, kids need not worry about this as they can enjoy the many game modes such as the Dunk Contest (a first in the NBA 2K series), 3 point shootout and Pick-up games.

Graphics aren't that great compared to other basketball games released at it's time or other PS3 games in general but it is still noticeably better than a PS2's. Sound is just average as no spectacular things can be noticed about it. As I mentioned earlier, most ages will enjoy the game but button-mashers (5 and below). Overall, 2K8 is an addicting game which is a timeless product. With it, the 2K reign continues...