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Ncaa Football 11 Same Old, Same Old

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Luke Kazmierski By Luke Kazmierski on
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The new NCAA Football 11 has very few amounts of differences between the older game, NCAA Football 10. But the graphics of the new game are much improved, a crisper touch than the older version.

Also, one glorified addition to the game is no more Lee Corso as an announcer. He could be a reason why people would mute their televisions while they are playing. His comments made no sense and were just stupid. That's all I'll go from there.

In addition, the "Mascot Mash-Up" is now improved for a hilarious, funnier experience. It includes the Stanford Trees, the Oklahoma State Cowboys, the Notre Dame Leprechaun, etc. It is just very exiting to see a multitude of green Trees running around and decking other competing mascots.

One flaw I've noticed was the time that it takes to complete a game. Madden 11 raves about how the game provides a full game in half the time. Well NCAA 11 did not get that upgrade. I feel that these games take so long to complete, even three minutes in a quarter. The "highlights" of any game that you complete shows useless plays that take forever and you're not allowed to skip it. It get very frustrating.

Much improved, Dynasty Mode is still very adictive. It shows the passing, rushing, receiving, tackles, and interception leaders throughout the animated season. It also shows your coaching stats and approval rating, which I take in as an advantage.

Included like the older games, Road to Glory is no different. I find no differences than the older versions, same high school playoffs, college season, bowls, etc. And of course Eric Andrews and the Monday Road to Glory show pops up every time you try to sim to a game, which gets under my skin.

One flaw that I found that others may find stupid is the naming of the players. I hate how the game does not give the real last names to the players in college football. Apparently there is a way to fix this, but I don't know how to exactly.

In addition, they don't include Division II teams, such as teams in the CAA like Villanova. My brother attends the university and I love the football program there, and the game does not offer it.

Overall, this game is a great and fun game that every college football fan needs to get for their college football addiction.