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Neato Desko By Ikea!

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Here comes another review on one of my Ikea purchases! When my ex-boyfriend moved out he took our desk with him as it was a gift to him from his Mom. So I needed to get a desk of my own because the teeny tiny table I was being forced to use to put my computer on was really pathetic and not really working for me.

At Ikea I must have walked around the "office" section for a good 35 minutes, trying to decide on the desk that I caught my eye the most, but was also reasonably priced at the same time. I tend to have a problem with being attracted to the most expensive things, no matter what they are. I finally ended up deciding on the Mikael series.

What I liked about this set was that you could buy each piece of the desk seperately which was nice if you only wanted a few select pieces. I ended up getting 3 pieces. The first was the main desk which was $69.99. I then got an add on unit that sat on top of the desk that had shelves and a magnetic board (so cool!) for $55.00. The third piece I got was a drawer unit that was set up on it's own wheels so it could be wheeled under and stored under the desk, $59.99.

I ended up deciding on the black-brown/white color scheme in each of the pieces as I felt this wes the best with the decor of my apartment. My favorite part of the whole set is the magnetic writing board on the right side of the add-on unit. I can put magnets on it and attach important reminders as I need to but I can also use whiteboard markers and write out reminders at the same time! For the left side of the add-on my Father and I got crafty and bought corkboard and glued corkboard on it. I am using that as a display for all of the Disney pins that I collect. (Yes I know I am a dork, no need to remind me!)

All the pieces came broken down in boxes which is how all of Ikea's furniture is sold as it cuts down the cost to us, the buyers. I have to hand it to my Father though, he put the whole desk together with minimal help from my sister or I. I think if I remember correctly it might have taken him about an hour or so to put it together and with very minimal profanity I might add! haha I love you Papa!!!

So overall I am very happy with my desk. The only thing I am a little disappointed in was that during my move across town the top of the desk got scratched in a few places so it definitely needs some gentle care but that was hard to do with the move so I'm not that torn up about it.

If you haven't been to Ikea yet I highly suggest you check it out, look at all these great deals I'm getting!!