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Necropolis Anthony Horowitz A Dark Thriller

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Necropolis is the fourth book in the ‘Power of Five’ series by Anthony Horowitz. The last three books in the series were about four gatekeepers on different continents and their separate struggles against ‘the Old Ones’ (supernatural creatures that were banished 10000 years ago and that have started to return) and the humans that help them and how they find each other. Necropolis is about the fifth gatekeeper, a girl called Scarlet. The story follows her journey from being a normal schoolgirl in London, to being captured by demented followers of the Old Ones, to being held in Hong Kong and rescued by the other four gatekeepers who discoverer her ability.

The writing style is typical Horowitz, in that it keeps you on the edge of your seat right the way through the book. The story is thick and enthralling, and there is plenty of Horowitz's great humour.

Necropolis is much darker than the former books with the undead attempting to kill the 4 gatekeepers and a very visual description of people suffering and dying from poisonous gas by bleeding and vomiting. But as always Horowitz has created an enthralling story which you will not want to put down. But do read the other three books (Ravens Gate, Evil Star and Nightrise) first to fully appreciate this amazing book.