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Need A Calculator?

Reviewing: Texas Instruments Ti 84 Silver Edition Plus  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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This is the calculator you want if you want something more technological than a scientific calculator but less technological than a super computer. I bought this for my pre-calculus class and I love it. It is bulky, but it is very useful. It uses 4 triple A batteries and I've been using this for a year, so I'm assuming it has a high battery life since it has yet to die on me, though it hasn't warned me of it either so I'm always careful about bringing a second calculator where it counts.

This calculator has many functions, programs, and applications. If there are an insignificant amount of programs, download more online! Many students use these calculators to play games in class and you probably won't be the last. I went through a point when I would ignore class and play games like tetris and Dino Puzzle. There are so many other games like Mario you can play, it'll keep you distracted from class more than help you in it!

But it is important to remember to use this for school or office purposes. It is a graphing calculator so use it for that or more advanced mathematics. This is useful so long as you keep your head on your work!