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Need A Sequel?

Reviewing: Toei Battle Royale Ii: Requiem (Japanese)  |  Rating:
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Need a sequel? Well, you've got one. The producers of Battle Royale wanted a sequel!

This time, Kitano, the man in charge in the last movie, has a daughter named Shiori, whom he had called in the first movie. Shiori wanted to know what her dad was so obsessed about since he never had time for her, though God knows he tried, so she actually signs up her schoolmates for the game. Her schoolmates are a bunch of delinquents and losers from all over Japan.

This time the game is different. There are a group of terrorists who are the old winners of the past joined together to put an end to the game. The main character Shuuya from the first movie is the leader. The students are ordered to join in pairs and kill the leader and disband the terrorists. And what's Battle Royale without blood? If the students get too far from their partners, the collars activate and both die! If one partner gets killed, the other does, too!

This movie, unlike the first, isn't really based on anything from Takami's novel. Besides a few characters, two of which you may or may not recognize from the first movie, everything is basically new. This movie was pretty good especially since I didn't compare it to the manga or novel once. There was nothing to complain about. The graphics and killings are similar to the first movie so not much improvement there.

Actually, now that I think about it, the attack first starts off similar to the D-Day invasion. Axis troops coming from boats onto the island while the Germans fight from up above protected. Unlike World War Two, these people join and fight together to stop the game once and for all.

I recommend watching this movie. Some say it isn't as good as the first, but I loved it anyway. It isn't such a bloody concept as the first, but it's plenty enjoyable. It makes you think about life and the world around you.

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