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Need Great Sleep? Choose Denver Mattress!

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laurel1 By laurel1 on
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I'd been sleeping on my old mattress set (can't remember the brand, but the mattress and boxspring were less than $300 in 1991...) for over 15 years. I have chronic hip and back pain, from a variety of causes, and was having more and more trouble sleeping. It was impossible to find a comfortable position in my old bed.

I see a Pain Management Specialist as part of my health care team, and when he learned how old (and cheaply made) my bed was, he suggested I get a new one. One of the several brands he mentioned was Denver Mattress, which had recently opened a store in town, so I decided to check them out.

I was met by a clerk (actually an assistant manager) not long after I walked in the door. She asked me to describe what I was looking for, and wanted to know what health problems I had, if any. described them to her in detail, and she led me to the mattress set that she felt would be best for me. They have a way of testing you through the strength in your arm when you are lying on the bed, to determine if that bed was right for you. I thought it was probably a scam, until she had me trying different mattresses, and my arm actually was stronger on the beds that were more comfortable for me.

I also appreciated that she didn't try to urge me to buy the top of their line; she genuinely seemed to want me to have the best bed for me. It has a "foundation" rather than a box spring, and the bed came with the frame, which has three legs per side for a queen size rather than only two, so it provides better support and lengthens the life of the bed; it also came with a pair of pillows, and a bed cleaning set, to use to clean the mattress and foundation. For about $20 more, I got a pillow-topped mattress pad to top my pillow-topped mattress!

I'm very grateful that I have sheets with deep pockets, because this bed needs them. But I have never slept in a more comfortable bed in my life. I feel rather like the princess and the pea when I am atop my towering bed, but it's worth it. I highly recommend a visit to Denver Mattress to anyone who is bed-shopping; the fact that they have no middleman keeps the cost down. My sister got a name brand for twice what I paid for mine, but I know mine is the better bed.