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Neoskin Laser Hair Removal

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By janette on
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About 4 months ago I decided to try Lazer Hair Removal after hearing about how great it was from my aunts. They were having a special that month that included up to 12 treatments (it usually removes all the hair in about 7-9) in any of the following 2 areas: upper lip, chin, between the eyebrows, widow's peak, and areolas for $90. I knew that was cheap considering some places charge about that much per session in one area. So i decided that I would get my upper lip done but also really wanted to get my under arms done more than any of the other areas so I asked and they agreed to do the upper lip and under arms for $130! I was told to go to Mexico (I live in the Rio Grande Valley which borders Mexico) and buy the Lidocain spray to numb the areas I was to get lazered, and spray it on the areas 1 hour before my appointment then again 15 minutes before. I was really excited and on the day of my appointment, walked in to the office very optimistic about my future smoothness.

When I stepped into the room where the procedure would be done I was asked to take off my shirt and was given a towel to cover myself with while the lady stepped out. I did as I was told then laid on the table (similar to the table in a doctor's office). When she came back in she put a tissue and some goggles (similar to what you would use in a tanning bed) on my eyes and applied a gel onto my upper lip. She then told me she was going to begin and I could feel a blast of something warm on my upper lip about 7 or 8 times and then she was done with that area. I felt no pain at all, however, I did jump a little every time she blasted the lazer at me because it was surprising and so close to my eyes that I could see something light up. That whole area took about 4-5 minutues. She then asked me to raise my right arm and applied gel to it and began. I admit it was a bit uncomfortable but not painful. She repeated the same thing for the left arm. It took about 10 minutes total for both arms. After the procedure she stepped out of the room while I cleaned myself off and put my shirt back on. I was out of the room in less than 20 minutes! I had such a good experience my first time that when I saw they were having another special for the month I decided to do it. They were offering two treatments (bikini area, half abdomen, under arms, hands, feet, or half chest (men)) for $180. I chose to have my bikini area and half abdomen done but I was a bit scared.

During the month I had between my first and second session I noticed no change in my hair growth so I was a little dissapointed but my aunts, who had already had 3 treatments, told me that was normal as they had barely started seeing results after this last treatment (we all go at the same time). So the day of my second appointment I prepared myself as usual, this time dousing my bikini and abdomen in lidocain, and went in to the office. Although the upper lip still didn't hurt, the under arms were a bit painful (sort of like when you roll a rubber band up and down your arm) and I became very afraid of having my bikini area done. I went through with it anyway and it was't as painful as I imagined. As with my first visit, I didn't see results for any of the 4 areas I had done in the month between my 2nd and 3rd appointment.

It wasn't until after my 3rd session on each area that I really started seeing results. My appointments are now 2 months apart. To date I have had 6 treatments on my upperlip and underarms, and 5 on my bikini area and lower abdomen and my results are: I grow about 7-10 thin hairs on each underarm noticable after about 3 weeks without shaving. I now grow very fine hair barely visibe on the sides of my upperlip noticable after about 3-4 weeks. I get a few thin hairs on my bikini line and abdomen after about a month. I think after about 2 more treatments I shout be completely hair free in those areas, if not I have 6-7 treatments to go!

I definitely recommend going to NEOSKIN to get this procedure done because it is A LOT cheaper than getting it done at a spa. I have gotten all four areas done for $310! Most people pay more than that for just one area. Keep in mind that the prices were cheaper because they were monthy specials but regular prices are still cheaper than most spas. The staff at NEOSKIN is very friendly and professional and makes you feel completely comfortable. You even have a 2 year guarantee that the hair will not grow back. NEOSKIN is a MUST for anyone looking to permanently remove unwanted hair!