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Neosporin Heals Everything!

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sndfan2 By sndfan2 on
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I don't know what I'd do without Neosporin. This first aid antibiotic ointment is just simply wonderful. I use it all the time to heal small cuts quickly for all members of our family. But the amazing thing is it's healing powers on larger cuts and scars also!

Last summer, in all my beauty and grace, I wiped out in a friends driveway. Yup. I fell and I fell hard. I took several layers of skin off of my shin and big chunks were gone in several areas also. After cleaning the injury, I LOADED Neosporin on the mess. After all, it WAS swimsuit and short season, and the last thing I wanted was a big scar. Three of four times a day I applied a thick layer of Neosporin onto my leg, and within a week, you could barely see the injury. I see that as remarkable!

So, as a result, I carry a small version of this in my purse, have a larger version in my car, and one on each floor of my home. Yes, it might be overkill, but it really does come in handy.

Give it a try!