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Neosporin Lip Treatment For Badly Chapped Lips

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By ladym33 on
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Sometimes I get really dried and chapped lips, it can be from being out in the sun on a hot day watching my kids play baseball or from being out in the snow shoveling or building a snow man. When my lips get this sore and chapped a regular lip balm is not enough, that is when I turn to Neosporin Lip Treatment. I have always appreciated regular Neosporin so I had faith that the Neosporin Lip Treatment would work well.

Neosporin Lip Treatment comes in a .25 oz squeeze tube and the tip is round and flat and very easy to apply. The product the product is not only used to treat lips, but is also used to treat cold sores. I have never had a cold sore so I can not comment on weather or not it works for cold sores. However, I know I trust Neosporin anti biotic treatment to treat minor cuts and scratches, so I don't have any doubts that is does what it says it does.

Neosporin lip treat actually has 2 different active ingredients. These ingredients have different uses one is used to moisturize and protect the lips and cold sore and the other is for treating the pain and itching. The two active ingredients are Allantoin 1.5% and Pramoxine HCI 1%.

The smell of the product is very faint and citrus like. It does not taste all that great but it is not terrible either. The product looks a lot like the Neosporin ointment, the color is very similiar, and when it goes on your lips it becomes clear so that you don't actually see it, other than the fact that your lips will look a tiny bit shiny or wet. When you apply it you will feel it working and tingling a bit on your lips. This is a nice feeling.

Unlike most lip products that just kind of coat the lips and protect them, this product has real medicine in it, so you don't want to be constantly applying it like you would something like Chap Stick. The manufacturer says you should not apply it no more than 3 or 4 times a day. That is actually plenty as it actually stays on the lips for a good amount of time. Just re-applying after meals and before bed time should be more than sufficient.

Just like Neosporin ointment helps sores hear faster Neosporin Lip Treatment does the same for your lips. I have never used anything that has completely healed my lips as quickly as this does. Neosporin lip treatment costs a little over $3.00 for a tube but is totally worth the price.

This is not an every day kind of lip product. Neosporin Lip Treatment is more for those times when your lips are more than a little chapped. It is not really meant as a beauty product (except your lips will be prettier after they hear). This is more of a corrective treatment. The ingredients are a little too strong to use on a regular basis. This is what you use when your lips are not getting any better using other types lip balms.

I really can not say anything bad about this product. It works really well, I feel releived the moment that I put it on. My chapped lips also heal really quickly when I use this. This is not really for minor chapped lips this is for when you get really severly chapped lips, and it is the most effective lip treatment I have used for this. Even the price is very reasonable. So if your lips are painfully chapped, you would benifit from using Neosporin Lip Treatment.