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Neozep For Kids

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Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Nowadays, especially that summer season is nearing, common colds are always noticeable among adults and kids. My kids are both schooling and they are exposed to these kinds of sicknesses. Actually right now as I am writing this review, my two kids have nasal congestion. It irritates them especially as they sleep because it is hard to inhale and exhale.

At times I have nasal congestion or runny nose I find Neozep (in tablet form) very effective. Since they are kids I have Neozep Strawberry Flavor to treat theirs. As a mom, I hate to see my kids sick and if there's a way I can treat it immediately I do so. Neozep is a proven and tested medication for common colds for adults and kids. It is nasal decongestant, antihistamine and analgesic-antipyretic. For my kids, I give them 2 teaspoons of this strawberry flavor Neozep once a day and twice for strong cases.

Common colds have chain reaction of symptoms that after sneezing you will have nasal congestion and then runny nose and then cough. The worst part of it is that it will go far to headaches, muscle pain and loss of appetite. I don't want it to go that far and I know pretty sure that Neozep is a big help to cure it.