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Neozep Forte Tablet

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Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Neozep Forte Table for cough, cold & flu

I hate having clogged and runny nose but I don't have any immunity against it. They say that they are minor respiratory tract infections but that minor illnesses seems to irritate me because it makes me hard to breath, taste my food and annoys me during my sleep.I am a housewife in charge on the overall chores in the household and usually I get these illnesses of cold and flu plus cough actually during summer. I sweat a lot while doing the chores and if I fail to manage it in just a couple of days I will be ill. They say that one way to treat it is thru water therapy. Some say is by getting enough rest. At first, I am really not use to take medications when I am not well. But I notice that my illness is getting worst that I need to bring with me wipe outs or handkerchief for my runny nose and I really hate to sneeze. My brother-in-law is familiar with those effective medicines so he is the one I usually consult with. He is a Nurse and a pharmacist as well. He is the one who recommended this Neozep Forte Tablet (in white and green colors) to treat my clogged and runny nose. I usually take it 2 tablets at lunch and another 2 tablets on dinner time.

Generally, I found this medicine very effective. It stops my cold and flu in just a day or 2 of taking it which I guess pretty much fast. Since then with just a sign of colds I take it immediately to prevent it from getting worst, have a nice sleep and I can eat well. For a busy mom like me getting sick has no room for me.