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Nerf Armor: If You Own A Ds, You Need This!

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Did you just buy a Nintendo DS Lite or DSi? $100-170 plus tax is not chump change where I'm from, especially if its going into a device with small parts that can shatter easily in the hands of a child. You need to protect your investment. While there are some cheap covers and cases available, I find the best overall the DS Lite and DSi Nerf Armor.

Yes, Nerf Armor.. made by the company who makes all those cool toys from your childhood, or perhaps that you buy for your kids now. They've come up with the genius idea of creating a protective case that hugs the DS without hindering a person's access to the controls or features so you don't even notice it's there.

It also gives you a better grip on the DSi and DS Lite. Your DS system can now withstand a drop without you having to deal with paying repair costs because think about it, these systems get more and more complex - built in digital cameras, internet use, saved data, etc. You can't risk losing all that stuff because you paid good money for it all.

So keep your kids happy and secure their games with the Nerf Armor for the DS Lite and DSi.

There were a lot of reports about people's DS Lite's being easily suceptible to hinge fracture. So avoid it and get the Nerf Armor now!

Update On Aug 02, 2009: Since I purchased my DS Lite I've kept it in the Nerf Armor and its in perfect working condition. I am totally satisfied with this product and assure you its the best thing to do especially if your kids own a DS Lite or DSi!

Update On Aug 19, 2009: If there are any PSP owners out there, well, PSP Slim, there's also Nerf Armor for that system too. Its only $10. A lot of people I know tend to find the PSP easily slips out of their hands and a problem a lot of people experience is screens cracking, so considering how well this product is for the DS, I think it might be a worthy investment to look into for any PSP Slim owners! Since the only PSP cases I've seen outside of this tend to be hard plastic which sounds like it can be quite slippery if a person has sweaty hands, this Nerf Armor should be perfect because of the good grip it provides.